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Doctor Pushes the Odds and Delivers Babies

Doctors are one of the most if not the most relied on professions worldwide, and they sometimes manage to accomplish the impossible. However, these accomplishments are usually done inside the emergency room. Sometimes, when a doctor is called to an emergency and some act of God happens in terms of the weather, they may just get another doctor who is at the location to do some extra work, but as you’ll read here, Dr. Bassem Maximos takes extreme pride in his job and refused to give up on it, despite what stood in his way.

Maximos was on his way to the hospital to deliver two babies during a rainstorm, when the rain really picked up on him, immobilizing his car. Maximos new he had a mission to accomplish, and rain, no matter how much, was not going to stop him. Once he realized his car was immobile, Maximos opened the doors and despite the water running waist high on him, he pressed on in his journey toward the hospital. He actually even helped a man who was complaining of chest pain on the way, getting him onto a truck that eventually took him to get help. Maximos was extra determined to deliver the babies, as he heard that it was the first one for one of the women and she was nervous, and the other woman was in need of a Cesarean section and  he felt like he needed to be there to support her during the procedure. An hour and a half later, he burst through the hospital doors, soaking wet. In his haste to make it to the pregnant women, he slipped and fell, and was surrounded by people begging him to get an x-ray for his back, but he brushed them off in order to complete his job. In the end, Maximos ended up completing his jobs despite the obstacles being in his way. Needless to say, both women were extremely grateful for the doctor’s arrival.

I love writing about posts like these. Seeing that there are people who are willing to risk their own safety for the sake of others makes me think about how many other good people there must be in the world. I can think of instances where doctors would have simply called it a day due to bad weather when it comes to their work, or who would have been more concerned with their own safety if they were to slip and fall like Maximos did, but as shown here, there are always those few who realize how important moments like these are to some people, and I admire those people greatly. I hope that doctors all over the world who have access to this story read it and are inspired to take their jobs even more seriously than they do now. In my opinion, the very best part about all of this, aside from the successful delivery of both babies, was the doctor’s reaction to everyone praising him and calling him a brave hero. When Maximos heard this, his reaction was something along the lines of “Its my job, cases like these are my duty.” All I can say is that I have an enormous amount of respect for this doctor.

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