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Disney to build Star Wars theme parks

Are you a Star Wars fan? Have you always dreamed of flying the Millennium Falcon, or meeting Luke Skywalker or even Chewbacca? Well that dream will be coming true very soon!

Disney parks has now announced that they will be putting in a Star Wars themed park and it is going to be huge! There will be two locations where it will be built, in Disneyland, located in California and the other one will be at the main park in Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The two parks are expected to be 14 acres in size, one of the largest themed expansions in Disney history!

Bob Iger, the CEO, has also mentioned that there will be two main attractions between the two parks that are sure to have Star Wars fans drooling from the mouth. One of the attractions will give guests the opportunity to ride in the Millennium Falcon on what they will be calling a “secret mission”. The second attraction will allow people to engage in a real live battle between the Resistance and the New Order from The Force Awakens. Guests will also get to interact with their favourite characters not just from the newer episodes and movies but from the classics as well!

Star Wars has always been a part of the parks in some way, mostly with their rides and some attractions but this is the first time that the parks are really emphasizing the novelty and its going to be done in a very new and interesting way.

Engineers who worked on Tomorrowland will be assisting with making this new attractions and also mentioned some incredible features that haven’t been seem before.

Between the store merchants that will fill the galaxy’s farther corners to a ride on the Millennium Falcon, Disney may have just thought of everything!

There has been no word on when these incredible new parks will open up besides the very vague “coming soon”.

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