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Diet Mimicking Fasting?

A lot of people either wake up in the morning and look in the mirror or experience some kind of event which makes them realize that they have a similar problem. They are overweight or unhappy with their appearance and they want to change. That is awesome! Except there is only one problem. No matter how you look at it, whether you choose to diet, exercise, or do a combination of both, no one can get around that losing weight is not easy. Some people may even consider liposuction, but even then that is hard on the wallet. Well it seems that doctors think they have a found a five day diet that mimics fasting, a technique that usually has someone not eating for a long period of time, giving their body more time to process the food that they eat.

Doctors have explained that the diet works like this. For twenty five days out of the month, patients can eat normally, or how they usually eat. However, the five days are where the fun parts come in. For day one of the diet, a person following it will eat one thousand and ninety calories, which will consist of ten percent protein, fifty six percent fat and thirty four percent carbohydrates. for the next four days, that same person eats seven hundred and twenty five calories. Nine percent protein, 44 forty four percent fat, and forty seven percent carbohydrates. Nineteen people used this diet for two or three cycles, showing that they lost weight and there were no major side effects.

Despite these doctors showing that this diet works, I have quite a few points that I would like make as to why I am a little skeptical to recommend this diet after reading about it. First off, it was only tested on nineteen people. While it is nice that these nineteen people had success with the diet, it does not mean that it is safe for everyone. For example, they could say the same thing about penicillin and how it healed nineteen people in a row, until they find someone who is allergic to it. I know that allergies are not really comparable in a diet, but I just wanted to make the point that there will always be exceptions to something not working for someone. My second problem with this is something in particular that was said around the results of the diet. They said there were no major side effects, which means that there very well could have been some side effects, but they were not mentioned at all. My third problem with this is that people like to get carried away with things. What I mean by this is that sure, the patient eats one thousand and ninety calories for the one day and then seven hundred and twenty five calories for the next for the next four. The problem with this is that someone who is obsessed or has a goal of losing weight will likely end up weighing themselves and seeing how much weight they have lost if any because of how hungry they are. They may be happy with what they end up seeing, but the thing is, it will quickly go away once they start eating normally again. This will probably cause them to start eating drastically less than those four days throughout the month since humans are typically a “more is better” kind of people. As the developers of this diet probably know, unless the person is rather small, it is absurdly unhealthy to eat such little calories, and this group of people would be doing it for longer than the prescribed five days. My fourth problem with this is that there is a fixed number of calories for everyone, whether they weigh one hundred and fifty pounds or four hundred pounds. Placing unchangeable numbers on a diet like this for everyone can put someone in grave danger depending on their body type, or if they have low blood sugar or other medical conditions that may require them to eat more. Let us not forget that those accustomed to eating maybe four or five times as many calories mentioned could lead to mental breakdowns, even if it is only for five days. My fifth point revolves around the idea that one can eat “normally” for the first twenty five days of the diet. The body types, ages, and physical activity habits of these nineteen people were never specified. For all we know, these nineteen people could have already had relatively healthy eating habits, which would not only make eating less easy for them, but also potentially make the weight loss easier for them, since the amounts asked to be consumed may not be that much lower than what they are eating already. For the majority of the population who would try a diet like this, have these doctors ever considered that maybe the “normal” diet of a person could be so bad that it may overpower whatever effects happen through the calorie manipulation over five days? My very last problem with this is that it is simply just another diet. I am going to explain this last point a little bit because I know that someone is scratching their head wondering what I mean. Think of it this way, when it comes to diets, what do you usually hear? That one of your friends or whoever it is is going on a diet, right? Well that is the problem! If someone, is going on a diet, just like someone going on a trip, or someone going on a roller coaster ride, they will eventually have to come off! Meaning that they will eventually return to their original starting point after a certain point in time because they were unable to sustain it. I think that just about covers the bones I needed to pick with this diet.

I know that I am very skeptical about this diet even though it has been proven to work, but I always have such enormous problems with people who have the audacity to say that a particular diet will work everyone with zero modifications. Being at the gym and talking to my fellow gym goers, I can tell you first hand that everyone has a different style of dieting, and sometimes the conventional methods of eating less calories just does not work. I wish people could just come to grips with themselves and realize that they probably want to lose weight, get stronger, change their appearance or whatever their goal may be more so than they want the lousy junk food that they think they crave so badly. Once a person actually thinks for themselves and plans their own diet or exercise program (Not to say that they cannot have help planning it, but someone cannot simply do all of it for them.) AND accepts the fact that what they are doing or going to do is not only a diet but a change in their lifestyle, only then will they be successful in their health goals. I understand that this was a rather long worded piece, but as you can see, new diets that promise anyone who uses them success really gets my blood boiling!


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