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Day of the Dead traditions

Día de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, is a holiday celebrated throughout Mexico. The holiday is a day set aside to remember loved ones that have passed, and celebrate their lives.

There are several ways that this holiday can be celebrated, which have turned into loved traditions, all in honor of deceased loved ones. Various traditions could include creating altars at home with things like photos or mementos. Some prefer taking to the cemetery and praying, usually bringing with flowers, foods, and decor.

As an important element in remembering and respecting those who have passed, children are encouraged to partake in the creating of altars. If a trip to the cemetery is made, favorite foods or candies of the deceased may be brought to their gravestone. In this way, the traditions are passed on to children in a way that keeps them involved in honoring loved ones, and dedicates time to appreciate and remember them.

It’s important to note that Halloween is not synonymous with the Day of the Dead. They are two separate holidays that have separate meanings, although the dates are close to one another. It is the hope of many that the Day of the Dead traditions will continue to be passed on through generations.

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