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Concussions: Serious Strain on Students

Having a concussion is no laughing matter. when one goes through a concussion, multiple side effects can occur. These effects go as far as: loss of cognitive function, decrease in control of motor skills, difficulty sleeping and more. For students especially, experiencing a concussion can be devastating. I have never experienced one myself, but unfortunately one of my good friends has. The moment I remember the most clearly was him telling me about the difference in his ability to do mathematics. Keep in mind this is a secondary school student, who would have been in grade twelve at the time. Mathematics were really his strong point, he could figure out any problem so long as he put his mind to it. However, once he had experienced a concussion during a hockey game, his skills were reduced significantly. Simple multiplication had become a difficult task for him, and he thought he was losing his mind.

For those who do not know, a concussion is an injury where the brain and head are forced to repeatedly rock back and forth and depending on which area of the brain is damaged, severe side effects such as those listed above can be the outcome. Some may say that concussions are a rare occurrence, but nothing could be further from the truth. Concussions are possible in just about any kind of sport that requires contact, especially Football, Soccer, Hockey, heck, even in sports that do not use contact such as tennis or baseball have a chance of the players resulting in concussion due to the high velocity of the balls. Ultimately, any sport has chance of concussion, because anyone can be running and lose control, fall, and land on their head the wrong way.

According to recent studies, concussions are the most devastating on students, since their minds are under constant stress to be learning new things daily. The fix or at least the compensation they claim should happen for students is that they have a special set of classrooms or a certain program for those battling concussions. Having my friend explain it to me in the way he did makes me want to stand behind that 100%. Without such a program or recovery time with accommodations for these students, many terrible things can happen to them. Their marks may be unfairly going down, which would damage their chances of gaining access to more intricate institutions should they choose to continue education once they have recovered, and the lack of performance shown in their grades may end up with them in a special program with those who have problems with concentration due to hereditary problems, when they really do not belong there. If school systems refuse to incorporate such programs into their schools, they are not only potentially robbing students of their education once they return back to normal, but they are also potentially breaking down their own futures, since every new generation of students are the ones who become the future. So the next time you choose to ignore or not feel sympathy toward someone, especially a student struggling with school work who has a concussion and say that it is their own fault from playing sports, remember that at any point in time, it can happen to you to, all it takes is one fall the wrong way, and easy tasks may suddenly take all your effort.


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