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First Episode of Jim Gaffigan’s New Show Available Early

The new TVLand comedy, The Jim Gaffigan Show, dropped its first episode this Wednesday on the comedian’s website 2 days before originally planned.  Premiering on July 15, the show’s first episode was allowed by the network to be released on Jim’s website.  After the comedian realized the episode was ready earlier than expected, he decided not to sit on it.

“Once my web guys told me and Jeannie that it was ready, I was like, ‘Just put it up.'” Gaffigan told RottenTomatoes.

“I wanted people to be able to sample this.  If they have twenty minutes in their day, they can go to my website and watch it and make the decision there, rather than trying to maybe DVR it in the middle of the summer. I just want people to sample it. Then, even if people don’t watch it this will go around, maybe a friend will have watched it and will hopefully say something nice about it.”

The show follows a fictional version of Gaffigan’s life as a stand-up comic in New York with his wife and 5 children and is written by he and his real-life wife Jeannie.  The duo has been working on getting the show to a network for years now, with unsuccessful attempts at CBS, NBC, and TBS.  Fortunately, their deal with TVLand allows them to make the show they want and gives Comedy Central the ability to air episodes a week after they premier.  Jim and Jeannie say they’re proud of the 10 episodes, adding that they made sure to pay attention to detail to compliment the authenticity of the show.  Jeannie was adamant on having proper serving sizes during dinner scenes for example, and whether or not there should be crumbs on the show’s set – which is an exact replicate of the couple’s old apartment.

The first episode of The Jim Gaffigan Show, titled “The Bible Story”, is available from now until the end of June on Jim and it guest stars a long list of big names including Chris Rock and John Stewart.

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