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College Board on Board For Computer Science

Computers are a part of everyday life and as well as The College Board believe that school curriculum’s need to start reflecting that. Their focus will be to bring computer science courses into high schools around the nation. Thirty five school districts will be offered valuable classes centered around getting women and minorities interested in the field of information technology.

Hadi Partovi who is the co-founder of is passionate about moving this field into high schools. Getting more people interested is important and even more important is getting younger generations interested. is getting help from the not for profit organization, The College Board, who will contribute to funding and training for teachers. Both of these groups believe that it’s crucial to support increased numbers of women and minorities in the field of computer technology.

Any school that uses the PSAT tests for grade eight and grade nine can potentially have the courses added to their curriculum, can receive the funding, and will get the training essential for the programming classes. The PSAT tests will enable easy identification of students that might have the skill set necessary to be successful in computer sciences.

Sonali Kohli, a reporter from Quartz, stated that there is a critical shortage of computer coders and that “there’d be more people to fill these jobs if there were more computer science graduates, and there’d be more graduates if more people could start the subject in high school”. Getting people exposed to this field earlier in their education increases the chances of students continuing their education in this field.

The most job postings in the science, technology, engineering and math  fields were for information technology. More people are needed who are qualified in those areas to fill those jobs! Despite the huge number of students who show promise in the computer science field, only a small percentage of them actually enroll in related courses in post-secondary education.

Patrovi wants to show that while the assumption is that girls and minorities from “low-income urban schools”  might not be able to do well in these classes – coding seems to come natural to a large percentage of those groups.

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