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Class Action lawsuit against Mcdonald’s after customers possibly exposed to Hepatitis A

At 2500 Mound Road, in Waterloo, New York, over 1,000 customers may have been exposed to Hepatitis A.  A McDonald’s employee at this Waterloo Location has the disease and may have spread it while preparing and serving food.

Lisa Baertlein from Reuters reported the following:

“The lawsuit was filed in New York state court in Seneca County against Jascor Inc. It seeks class-action status for potentially affected customers, who plaintiffs said could number more than 1,000.

Representatives from Jascor could not immediately be reached for comment. Most McDonald’s restaurants are operated by franchisees rather than McDonald’s Corp….

Public health officials said diners had a low risk of contracting the illness, but urged those who had consumed food and/or drinks from the restaurant on Nov. 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8 to consider treatments if they were not previously vaccinated against hepatitis A.”

The class action lawsuit was filled by Christopher Welch, a customer who may have been infected with HAV from eating at this McDonald’s location.

Andy Weisbecker reported the following:

“…He has filed on behalf of himself, as an individual, and on behalf of all those similarly situated. The case number is 49796….

…upwards of 1000 individuals received post-exposure treatment, including plaintiff Christopher Welch. Post-exposure treatment is recommended for individuals who consumed McDonald’s food for up to two weeks after their date of consumption

McDonald’s may be found at fault for allowing an employee to work while infected with HAV, for failing to properly supervise, train, or monitor their employees who prepare food for consumption, or for failing to require its food-service employees to obtain HAV immunizations.”

It is unclear if any other McDonald’s employee knew that this particular employee was infected with HAV.

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