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‘Circle with Disney’ Allows Parents to Censor Internet Content

Circle with Disney is a new device, which was released November 4, that can intercept, track, and filter media and internet content used in the family household. Parents are able to use this device to filter and choose the content their children get to access on computer and mobile devices.

Sarah Perez from Tech Crunch reported the following features included with Circle with Disney:

“…works in conjunction with an iOS application that allows moms and dads to filter web content, set “bedtimes,” block ads, view insights and usage history, and even pause the internet entirely….

…Instead, the small device works wirelessly and can be charged via a power cord or via microUSB. A charge keeps the device online for a couple of days, so you don’t necessarily have to hide it away in the office with your other networking equipment. And the “on” button isn’t an “off” button exactly, in case your kids are sneaky….

…Circle comes with age-specific filters you can enable without having to monkey around much with its settings. These filters include: pre-K (ages 0-5), kid (6-12), teen (13-17), and adult (18 and up)

Fortunately, the device is much more user-friendly and accessible compared to other devices on the market, like home internet routers.

Brian Barrett from Wired reported how Circle with Disney came into existence:

“In 2013, Jelani Memory joined the ranks of Kickstarter hopefuls with Circle, a device to help families manage screen time. It didn’t work out. As it turns out, that might have been the best possible outcome.

‘Kickstarter was what I like to call a really great failure,’ says Circle Media founder Jelani Memory. A failure in that it Circle didn’t raise anywhere near its goal funds; really great in that just two years later Memory’s company not only has a product to sell, but a partnership with Disney to bolster it.”

The internet can be a complex thing to filter through. Indeed, Circle with Disney should provide peace of mind to many parents by knowing that their children won’t be able to access something traumatizing, harmful, or inappropriate on the internet. In addition to Circle with Disney, a subscription service called Disney Go that filters internet access on cell phones outside of the family home will become available in the near future.

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