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Chicago Blackhawks Win 2015 Stanley Cup

In case you missed it, the Chicago Blackhawks won the 2015 Stanley Cup last night in their home town, against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Their third Stanley Cup win in six years, and their first time winning the cup at home since 1938, the Blackhawks managed to take the cup with a 2-0 win over the Lightning in game six of the series.

Chicago Illinois’ United Center was packed with a crowd of 22,424 hockey fans waiting to see if the Blackhawks would take the series, or if it would move onto a tie-breaker game seven. And with each team winning by only one goal in each of the first five games, Blackhawks fans had high hopes when defenseman Duncan Keith scored the first goal with just under three minutes left in the second period.

Taking a pass from Patrick Kane, Keith fired a shot that was saved by Lightning goalie Ben Bishop, but then flipped in his own rebound for the goal. The Blackhawks just needed to hold onto their lead for one more period.

And hold they did. As New York Times journalist Ken Belson describes, the Stanley Cup was in town that night in preparation of a Blackhawks win, and “the Blackhawks played as if they could taste the champagne that would be poured into it after the game”.

Maintaining a shut out against the Lightning, the Blackhawks solidified their victory when Patrick Kane scored goal number two– and goal number one for himself in the series– in the third period.

Defenseman Keith was awarded the Conn Smythe Trophy, which is given to the most valuable player of the postseason. Keith was well deserving of the trophy, as he gave the Blackhawks their 1-0 lead, had 21 points, and played more than 700 minutes during the playoffs.

Both the Blackhawks and fans were in full celebration mood after the victory last night, and are sure to be for a number of following days, before the mood dies down and the 2016 season fast approaches.

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