Saturday , May 30 2020
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Chad Attacks Boko Haram Bases After Multiple Terrorist Attacks

At least 38 people have died in the Diffa region of Niger after an attack by Nigeria’s Islamist Boko Haram fighters. Reportedly, majority of the victims were women and children who were shot dead in two different villages. Additionally, the militants had burned down several houses in the two villages of Lamina and Ungumawo.

This is the second major cross-border attack by Boko Haram after the twin suicide bombings in Chad on Monday that killed at least 34 people.

The result of Boko Haram’s bombings in Chad led to Chad banning the full-face Muslim veil and officials seizing burqas from the markets and burning them out of fear due to the fact that the attacks had occurred with female suicide bombers who had worn the bombs underneath their clothing, which the Prime Minister Deubet has now described as “camouflage.” Anyone found wearing a burqa in Chad will now be subject to arrest.

In addition to banning the full-face veil, Chad has begun bombing Boko Haram positions in Nigeria to avenge the suicide bombings and murders. So far, six Boko Haram bases have been destroyed in air raids which have caused considerable human and material losses. For now, Chad mercilessly continues to avenge the deaths of Chadians despite the fact that Boko Haram has not claimed the attacks as their own as of yet.

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