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Cell Phones Linked To Depression?

I am going to try and be careful with what I say in this particular piece, because depression is not my typical area of expertise, and do not wish to offend anyone reading.

Cell phones have become insanely efficient pieces of technology in today’s world. You can do just about anything with them due to their capabilities. However, what about hiding from people behind those small, bright screens?

studies have been shown to link a person’s cell phone use to depression, meaning that the more someone uses a cell phone, the more likely they are to be depressed. The numbers were shown as people with depression using their cell phones for fifty one minutes longer than those who did not have symptoms of depression.

I am a little torn with the results of this study. Why? Because I can see why and why not this study would be accurate. On one end, I can see how a depressed person wanting to be alone and not wanting to interact with people would bury themselves in their phones in order to “escape” from the world. However, on the other side, cell phones are used for many functions now aside from text messaging and calling people. For example, people now have the Internet and email hooked up to their phones now, and I personally have a cousin who uses his phone as a vital communication tool for his line of work. these kinds of people may use their phones even more than someone with depression simply because it is how they make a living. So in the end, while I do see the connection, in my opinion it is rather loose.

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