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Credit: WDBJ

Breaking News: Virginia shooting leaves two dead on live TV

Early this morning two reporters, Alison Parker, 24,  and Adam Ward, 27,  were out for a routine interview at Bridgewater Plaza in Virginia when they were shot on air.

The two were reporting on unrelated matters, mostly concerning increasing visits to the plaza, when a gunman walked up from what likes like the left of the camera and began shooting at the reporter and camera man. It can be heard that about 6 or 7 shots rang out before the camera was dropped and they cut away from the feed.

The cut away goes back to the station where a shocked co-worker stares on in horror and tries to compose herself and continue on.

Unfortunately, both Alison and Adam were shot and succumb to their injuries and died earlier this morning. The producer of the show came on air around 9am this morning and let viewers know how saddened they were by the deaths of their co-workers and loved ones. The reporter and camera man were dating/engaged to two people who are a part of their news team. Ours hearts go out to them.

It is unknown what the motives of the shooter may have been, and it is unknown what he or she looks like or where he or she came from.

The horrifying events were unfortunately live and on the air when it happened. Screaming and running can be heard in the video and you can see as the camera slumps and hits the ground on an angle. Thankfully the live feed was cut away before anyone was seen being shot but the screams and terror can still be heard. The events are now up on air and the video can be viewed.

If anyone has information on the shooting or knows who the shooter or motives might be they are urged to contact police immediately.


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