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Boston Man Shot by Police and Killed

The police using their lethal firearms and other weapons will always be a controversial subject to the public. There will be those who say that people dying is unnecessary during these altercations, there will be the ones who agree with the officer’s decisions, and there will be those people who are on the fence about the whole situation. This case is no different.

A man in Boston was shot to death after approaching a group of police with a large black knife and refusing to drop the weapon. Not only did he refuse to drop the weapon, but he chose to come after the officers with it as well.

With the shooting still being under investigation, I am going to offer my opinion on this particular case, with the hope of shedding some light on the thoughts of the people who may be thinking unreasonably about this. With the current information that has been released, I one hundred percent agree with the officer’s decision to shoot this man. I can already hear the people yelling at me and questioning my opinion, probably asking why the officers had the right to shoot this man and not use one of the other weapons at their disposal, such as their tasers, nightsticks, fighting abilities followed by handcuffs and other methods. Well, my rebuttal to this is rather easy. With a large knife armed by someone who is aiming to harm someone with no restraints, wounds to the officers would come rather easily. Suppose the officer does want to spare his life, and he pulls out his nightstick. The officer then misses and the man now gets a deep and powerful strike to the officer’s neck. Guess what? That officer is more than likely dead, as the rate at which the blood is coming out is too quickly for an emergency team to reach him. Second, I offer to these people who disagree with me what the officer has to lose on his side. Most of these brave men have families that they are supporting with their jobs, and not only do they need to stay alive in order to support their families, but they also need to be alive to even see them the next day. Given those circumstances, with a man coming at me with no intentions of dropping a knife, I would have opened fire as well. The last thing I will address is those who may say “well why not shoot him in the leg or arm wielding the weapon? Surely that would spare his life, no?” For anyone thinking this, I am going to go ahead and say that you have been watching too many movies or playing too many video games. For one, a lot of people forget to take in the adrenaline rush that surges through a person’s body in these life or death situations. This person may not have even felt a shot to their leg. Moving over to the arm argument, an arm is a very small target that is usually moving rapidly when people are attacking someone with a knife. Those who never have shot a gun will simply not understand how hard it is to hit a moving target. I will continue to make arguments like these when it comes to officers reasonably shooting people in an effort to make people understand that an officer’s job is not nearly as easy as it seems.

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