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Blizzard Maintaining Integrity

Just about the worst thing I can think of that ruins a good game are cheaters, or people who come up with or find ways to give themselves an unfair advantage that frustrates other players. Being a rather large gamer myself, I have experienced these hardships, especially with the MMORPG type games, or massive multiplayer online role-playing games, for those unfamiliar with the term. For those who do not game regularly online or have much experience with these types of games, examples of how these cheaters become troublesome are in games where there is player versus player combat, where the winner gains the loser’s items. If one is able to cheat and gain significantly more powerful weapons, or money to upgrade their items beyond belief, then it becomes nearly impossible for fair players to win. Another big example of cheating in this type of game is those who use programs to level up their characters without actually playing the game. The big problem with this is that often times when someone uses a program like this, the monsters needed to be killed for experience are often put in one place for the auto-played character to kill all at once, spoiling that particular area for someone who wants to play in that space. As you will read in this case, the company Blizzard, famous for their still popular game World of Warcraft with approximately 7.1 million users worldwide, are choosing to do something about it before it is too late.

Blizzard recently banned a number of accounts from their database for six months. They also recommended that players report players that they suspect are cheating using the system they have set up.

“We’re committed to providing an equal and fair playing field for everyone in World of Warcraft, and will continue to take action against those found in violation of our Terms of Use. Cheating of any form will not be tolerated.”

Reading messages like these from the company of any game makes me smile. I can remember countless games that I have played online in the past that I may still be playing today, if I was not forced to stop playing due to the amount of cheaters not even making the game enjoyable anymore and simply a frustrating experience. There was a time when the managers of these games were able to stay on top the management of hackers and cheaters, but its almost as if one day it suddenly became too much and the company simply gave up. What really got me frustrated about some of these games is that some of these companies know that it is automated players purchasing their content, and because of these types of people, they have stopped caring about their players because they know that regardless of if their actual players choose to play or not, they are making money. Hopefully other companies similar to Blizzard will take a page ahead of them in terms of their security against allowing cheating players.

I still do not really understand why people cheat on online games. Yes I remember being in those prime gaming ages of ten to fifteen, and yes I remember when there were those parts where I was stuck for hours, or those parts in role playing games where I would have to push through to progress in the game at the expense of being bored. However, for me, these honestly were the best parts of these games. Who really wants to play a game where everything is so easy? Where there is no challenge? Not me. Also, even if there was a particular part where I got bored with the game, I did not even think of cheating. Why ? Because the thought of getting caught and being banned frustrated me even more! Having to push through all those sticking points in the game all over again?! No way. Despite all this, I guess I just think differently in terms of gaming. Some people would rather be the best in a virtual world with the coolest looking equipment for their characters at the expense of actually having fun during the process, kill everyone at the click of a button in first person shooters, and cheat in all sorts of ways in the other various types of games around it. All I can say is that it is definitely a different mentality.

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