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Beyonce Discusses Her Vegan Diet On Good Morning America

Today on Good Morning America, icon Beyonce Knowles announced her new diet which involves 22 days of being vegan and then remaining predominantly vegan after that as part of Marco Borges’ diet The 22-Day Revolution. Beyonce states that she felt that veganism was not only a sustainable diet for her, but that she felt better on it for numerous reasons.

I have a few things to say about this actually. As someone who has also battled weight gain and weight loss over the years, I have determined that diets do not work in a permanent and sustainable way. And by permanent and sustainable, I am also talking about your mental health on these diets. Although I am not vegan, I can say that I think that vegan diets are an extremely good idea. But first and foremost, I would advocate that they are beneficial for your health and overall quality of life. I would not push them as the next answer in losing weight.

I almost feel like Freelea the Banana Girl arguing that Veganism is a lifestyle, not a weight loss diet. But honestly, it is. I think that celebrities like Beyonce and Ariana Grande going vegan and making the vegan lifestyle “cool” in a sense is really good. It’s a great way to eat.

However, I think that with the influence that Beyonce carries over young girls, I think her promotion of weight loss diets is questionable. That being said, would girls in America respond to something that did not promise weight loss in a month? I do not think so, which I find rather sad when  trying to promote a diet that many turn to as a result of health concerns and just generally not feeling as good as they could.

As I previously mentioned, I am not vegan. But since returning from a month in South Africa where the food quality is incredible, I have been a pretty finicky eater which has resulted in me eating the majority of my meals in a vegan fashion. Although this is just something that coincidentally happened, I can say that I agree with Beyonce, I’ve never felt better. I still eat meat every other day, and I keep some cheeses and eggs in my diet, but I’ve found that since my meals became 75% vegan, I’ve felt a lot better.

Would I recommend that people try veganism? Not necessarily, but I definitely think that everyone should make a move towards eating food as something that makes them feel mentally and physically good. No matter how you choose to eat, I don’t think doing so just because of weight loss is a good idea.

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