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Benefits accompanying less red meat

It’s no secret that the consumption of red meat can heighten a person’s risk for diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Although red meat is fine in limited quantities, various diet patterns, such as tendencies observed in Western diets, include portions of red meat that aren’t healthy and introduce negative effects.

Enter, then, the Mediterranean diet — a diet focused around a high vegetable intake, healthy fats and oils, and a reduced amount of protein. This type of diet is healthier, more sustainable, and beneficial for your body as well as for the environment.

When meat is consumed, it is ideal to find leaner cuts and, even still, limit intake. Red meats are high in saturated fats which can be damaging to our bodies over time. Rather than consuming red meats — beef, pork, lamb, etc, instead try white meats such as chicken or fish.

Not only is limiting the intake of red meat good for your body, it is good for the environment. There is significant climate damage being done through the processing of red meats.

It is recommended to eat red meats sparingly, and instead increase consumption of vegetables, legumes, fruits, beans, and overall, focus on a more plant-based diet. Occasional red and processed meat is not life-altering, but eating it everyday can yield serious repercussions in terms of health as well as the environment. Overall, those who focus more on a Mediterranean diet report less problems in terms of cancer and heart diseases.

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