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Beiber sees the end of his legal woes.

Looks like everyones least favourite celebrity is up to no good yet again, but it seems that he may have gotten himself out of it again too.

The singer’s attorney told sources that there was resolution in an outstanding assault and careless driving charges in Stratford, Ontario.

The young superstar was involved in a collision between a minivan and an ATF on Aug 29, which eventually resulted in a physical altercation between him and the other driver. So what I think happened, is beibs was driving his minivan full of fangirls, and cut off the ATV driver, then proceeded to shame his Canadian heritage even more, by getting aggressive. But hell, that’s just my take

Beiber’s lawyer, Brian Greenspan, released a statement saying his clients weekend “was unfortunately disrupted by the unwelcome presence of paparazzi” and, the negative police, and media attention associated with breaking the law.

“This has regrettably in charges of dangerous driving and assault,” he said.

Biebs pleaded guilty (this means he admitted responsibility, but it’s not a criminal conviction, for some unknown reason.) to common assault for a run-in with a paparazzo back in August. He basically acknowledged that he made contact with the photography, noting that it was a spontaneous and short-lived reaction.

The “shutterbug” had come to Justin’s father’s home, which is a place of retreat and peacefulness. The Stratford community has always been respectful of Justin’s privacy, according to the lawyer, so the singer was disappointed and upset, and that’s when confrontation occurred.

God forbid a celebrity known for their reckless behaviour be disappointed or upset, that’s just ridiculous!

According to Ontario’s Ministry of the Attorney General, Bieber “pleaded guilty and received an absolute discharge” to the dangerous driving charge, and “pleaded guilty and received a $750 find” to the careless driving charge when he appeared before the judge by video. (He was in Los Angeles while the judge was in Ontario) Thursday.

This brings an end to all of Justin’s legal matters. But how long until he does something else again, and gets off nearly scot-free?

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