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Back To School Weather Across Ontario

It’s Tuesday, September 8th and kids have completed their first day back to school! It may have been all sunshine and lollipops inside Ontario classrooms but it was a drizzly, muggy day outside!

The Labour Day weekend had a lot of us reaching to crank up the air conditioning. The heat was bad enough but with the extreme humidity it was really unpleasant! So the storms and rain today across parts of Ontario were welcomed, I’m sure.

While lots of regions called for non-severe thunderstorms today, there were calls for severe thunderstorms across Smith Falls, Ottawa, Montreal and Eastern Townships. Those places were expected to see strong winds, large amounts of rain and even some hail!

Last night, certain areas in Cornwall even received tornado warnings. However, after about half an hour those warnings were dropped. Last night was also tough for residents in southern Quebec who faced struggles with power outages.

Erin Wenckstern is a meteorologist for The Weather Network and reported this morning:

“We could possibly see a couple supercells develop along the stationary boundary into the afternoon and evening hours, bringing the threat of very heavy downpours, hail and strong winds. The system will attempt to make itself more defined as it travels eastward through Tuesday into Wednesday morning.”

Counting my blessings that all my garden saw today was some nice rain and none of the hail! I’ll keep my hose wound as the showers and thunderstorms are suspected to continue into tomorrow because of the lasting moisture in the air.

Tomorrow morning kids may have some good splashing puddles to jump in on their way to school. Localized rain puts streets at risk of “flooding and ponding”.

Luckily, after tonight, the heat will start to trail off due to a cold front pushing through and we can start to feel some temperatures a little bit closer to what we would expect in September.

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