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The Bachelor Monday Night Drama – Recap (Jubilee For The Win)

Well, another night of excitement for The Bachelor nation! It was a lot to take in for one night, so let’s go over what happened. This is your chance, fair warning. If you haven’t watched Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, go watch it or prepare to be spoiled on the surprise!


It started out pretty slow. Lauren B. received the first date card for a one on one. In case you’ve forgotten, Lauren is the blonde flight attendant. Ben took her occupation into consideration and they spent some time flying in a biplane. Pretty cool date, but it was really boring to watch. After the flight they ended up in a hot tub talking in the middle of the dessert. They smooched a bit, they talked a bit and ultimately he gave her a rose. I’m not sure what it was about their chemistry – or lack thereof – but their date seemed to drag on without any spark.

Next up was a group date. The girls played soccer and it was stars vs. stripes. They obviously took it pretty seriously and Ben was loving every minute of it. The winning team got a reward cocktail party while the losers had to go back to the mansion – bummer! The only take away’s from the reward cocktail party involve Olivia and Amber.

Some of the girls ended up making fun of Olivia. Her breath and, weird as it may be, her toes. One of the girls felt guilty and told her about the insults. Olivia told the camera:

“Am I aggressive?  Yeah. Do I have bad toes? Yeah.”

But as you’ll find out, her insecurities were well hidden.

Amber got the rose and that was it for the evening.

Next up was the second one-on-one date, which went to a personal favourite, Jubilee! She was obviously not expecting the date and felt really awkward at first. When Ben showed up she uncomfortably joked about him being late. She also jokingly offered her date to another girl because she was afraid of heights – and Ben brought along a helicopter! She was so funny and real. Just human…and Ben picked up on that. He said:

“Jubilee is somebody that intrigues me.”

Back at the mansion all the girls were talking about how sure they were that Jubilee would be sent packing. They were all disgusted with her attitude when Ben picked her up – obviously not taking note of her sense of humor. Little did they know, Ben would be impressed by her personal strength, her honesty and her quirky jokes. He gave her a rose and was left smitten.

When the girls realized she was still there the next morning, they were more than a little off-put. Lauren H. said:

“I know Ben wants to have a wife who gets along with all the other soccer moms.”

*Place eye roll here*

Flash forward to the cocktail. Ben arrived and told the women that he just received the news that two of his family friends had died in a plane crash. It was clear that this was a perfect chance to see what real life would be like with these girls. To see who would comfort him – Jubliee – and who would ignore his feelings and change the topic – Olivia.

Olivia pulled Ben aside first and instantly jumped into her own problems. Through crocodile tears she told Ben:

“I hate my legs. Blogs have been written about my cankles. (…) It’s really hard.”

Maybe she was concerned that the other girls would somehow bring up her ugly toes, but regardless…Ben and the viewers were not impressed.

For most of the night Jubilee sat alone, quietly thinking of a way to cheer Ben up. She set up a massage table for him and gave him a quick massage. Her effort was clearly appreciate by Ben who just needed to wind down for a minute.

The other women saw it as a selfish gesture to spend more time with him even though she already had a rose. A few of the girls who were “upset” first about how she acted when Ben picked her up, and then about her stealing time during the party, decided they were going to confront her. Amber was the voice of that group and was relentless in trying to “talk to” Jubilee.

Understandably, Jubilee made her way to her room to avoid the flood of drama headed her way. Ben followed her there and Amber followed Ben there. It was an extremely uncomfortable situation to watch which ended up making Amber look like a turd, Jubilee look like the underdog and Ben look like a hero. It was amazing. Very quickly Ben shut down whatever comments or feedback Amber was giving and assured Jubilee that he had a GREAT time with her on their date and that he doesn’t want her to change one bit.

The show ended with one last shocker. Lace. She took Ben aside with just a few minutes left in the cocktail party and broke down in tears. She said that she was leaving the show because she had self-love issues and needed to work on herself. Not a huge loss on that front and I think she will do better finding love in a different setting (all the best to you, Lace!)

Jami and Shushanna didn’t receive roses and were sent home. Olivia was the last one to get a rose and that was hopefully a sign to her that she needs to get her head out of the sand and realize she’s not there to win a show but to build a relationship with a guy who deserves more than she’s giving!

Tune in next Monday at 8 to watch more of The Bachelor! In the meantime, try not to waste too much time searching Google for pictures of Olivia’s toes.

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