Wednesday , May 27 2020
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Baby Dies After Being Forgotten In SUV

An eleven month old baby was declared dead on Wednesday afternoon after reportedly being forgotten in its family’s sports utility vehicle for over an hour.

According to police in Lauderhill, Florida, the parents of the baby and their four other children were unloading groceries into their home and forgot about the baby until about an hour later when they realized the baby was not in the house. When they returned to the vehicle, they found the baby, totally unresponsive. The parents began CPR but the baby remained unresponsive.

Although the family is cooperating with investigator, it is obvious that their negligence is to blame for the death of the baby.

This also reiterates issues of animals and children being left in hot cars in the hot summer months. In more and more cities, it is becoming legal to rescue animals who have been left in hot vehicles and it is a reminder to us all to be diligent about our family members, whether they have two legs or four, to ensure that they are not being left to die in a steaming hot vehicle.

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