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Austrian Men Find 100,000 Euros In The Danube River

Two young Austrian men (22 and 20) stumbled upon 100,000 Euros in the Danube River!

You may wonder how you would respond to seeing unclaimed money floating away down a river in front of your eyes. Well last weekend, the gentlemen who found themselves in that predicament didn’t hesitate to jump on in and collect what they could.

According to Vienna Police spokesman, Patrick Maierhofer, it was “Saturday morning at 10 a.m., (when) people called the police, as there were two young men in the Danube.” When police arrived on the scene they “saw two men trying to retrieve money from the water.”

Without knowing where the money had come from, the men had to hand the cash over to the police. They received 5% of the findings for cooperating and turning in the money.

So where did all the riches come from? Maierhofer said:

“There are many possibilities. But we think it is from a crime. In any normal case, someone wouldn’t throw 100,000 euros in a river.”

The police force is currently checking for recent crime (bank robberies, crime busts etc) that may explain the missing money. The search could take a considerable amount of time taking into account the fact that the Danube river stretches through ten countries.

After one year if nobody steps forward to claim the money, the two men who collected the cash from the river will get to claim the remainder.

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