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Australian Racer Gets Injured During Event

Athletes that are good enough to get to high levels of competition are the ones you know have been putting in absurd amounts of time training, in order to be the best they can be. While this hard work many times results in a pay off with either a medal or the experience of competing with the some of the greatest to ever enter that particular sport, it can also result in something else. Injury. This is an athletes worse nightmare. Depending on the severity of it, this one unfortunate incident can set someone back a week, a month, a few months, years, and sometimes it takes them out of their games for life. The same goes for the unfortunate athlete Sally Pearson.

Sally ended up tripping over a hurdle during the Australian Olympics and severely damaging her wrist and forearm, and must go get surgery in order for it to be repaired. While surgeons say that she is going to recover just fine and be able to compete again, this injury may impede Sally’s opportunity to compete at the world championships in Beijing in August.

I can relate so well to this, as I have been a victim of injury many times now in the sport of power lifting. One of my injuries almost restricted me from doing two competitions. The worst thing about injuries is that most of the time, you do not realize you are on the way to hurting yourself, it happens at random for absolutely no reason. I can only imagine the pain that Sally is going through right now. She may display a face on the outside that implies that she is okay, but on the inside I know she is worried about not being able to go to one of the biggest competitions of her life. Another thing that aggravates me about injuries is that you never know for sure when they are fully healed. For example, Sally could have surgery on her forearm and then after whatever period of time, the doctors may give her the go to exercise at full power because they feel it has been long enough, based on whatever evidence or whatever knowledge they have on recovery, but the truth is, that injury could flare up at any point, and set her back even longer. It’s unfortunate, but its true. The last thing and probably my worst pet peeve about injuries is that they prevent you from doing what you love for an extended period of time. For those who do not have passion about something, you probably will not understand this next part, but when you love something, just like family, it becomes an important part of your life that you feel incomplete without. All of a sudden you’ve got a bunch of extra hours in the day that you do not want to do with, and it drives you crazy. I could go on forever about this, but I am going to stop here, since this article is about Sally and not me. I hope that Sally comes to a full recovery and has the chance to compete at every event she wishes injury free. I also hope she takes the time to allow her injury to heal.

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