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‘Arrow’ Season Finale – Where Do We Go From Here?

The past season of Arrow has been one of ups and downs for it’s main character, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) as he deals with questions of identity and personal image. The past several episodes especially have had fans on a roller coaster of emotion and conflict, what with Oliver’s decision to join the League of Assassins in order to save his sister Thea (Willa Holland). After this, Oliver appears to be an entirely different person, apparently having been brainwashed by the League.

This apparent betrayal – in addition to Oliver’s true intentions to side with Malcolm Merlin (John Barrowman) – leaves his friends back in Starling City unsure whether they can trust him.

However, broken friendships aren’t the most pressing issue that the team has to deal with. Ra’s al Ghul (Matt Nable) plans to release a deadly bio-weapon to wipe out Starling City, and it’s up to Team Arrow to stop it.

Tonight’s finale – titled “My Name is Oliver Queen” – which includes a visit from the Flash (Grant Gustin), a send-off for Ray Palmer and another death, is full of action, and will leave fans eager for the start of season 4.

In an interview with executive producer Marc Guggenheim, he discusses the idea of identity, specifically Oliver. After Ra’s’ portrayal of Arrow and the ensuing negative reaction from the public, the “Arrow” persona is essentially gone. He hints at Oliver taking a new turn in life and that this season finale is comparable to a series finale. Which is completely understandable, as the way things have been playing out this season, the finale will leave the show open to many possibilities.

Guggenheim went on to say that this finale is a capstone to the first three seasons. This episode will leave fans asking how there can still be a show. Never fear! The show has been renewed for its next season and Guggenheim has said that he and all the writers are already hard at work on it.

Something which is at the forefront of many fans’ minds is the relationship between Oliver and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and how it will change now that Oliver has married – if unwillingly – to Nyssa, the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul. Throughout the past three seasons, the relationship between Oliver and Felicity has been constantly back-and-forth, and his marriage will certainly throw another wrench into the mix. Add in how Felicity feels about Oliver not telling the team about his plans to join up with Malcolm, and it leaves fans hoping for more between the two in uncertain waters.

More uncertainty lies in the friendship that existed between Oliver and John Diggle. Earlier in the season, Oliver was John’s best man at his wedding. While the outcome of Oliver’s actions and the reactions of his friends is unknown, Guggenheim promises that the emotional reality will play out, and will continue into the next season.

This finale will be different from those previous. There will be more emotional scenes and more time with the characters. Things which have been set up over the course of the season will pay off and leave fans wanting more.

The biggest question on everyone’s mind will most certainly be, “So what happens next?”

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