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Photo: Apple Insider

Apple Watch charging dock now available for $79

Less than one day after photos of the Apple Watch charging dock were leaked on the internet, Apple put it up for sale online and in Apple Stores for $79. That was fast!

So what makes this dock different? Unlike other watch stands, Apple’s dock comes with the small inductive charging disc built in, MacWorld reports. The whole dock can be plugged into a wall charger using a cable that comes with the dock. The dock is disc-shaped with a magnetic charging ring in the center.

You can lay your watch flat on the top of the dock with the band unfastened, just like you would on the charger it comes with. You can also wrap the watch around the charging disc to charge it in Nightstand mode.

If you haven’t noticed, this charging dock seems pretty expensive, especially in comparison to the $39 iPhone charging dock. Plus, a new Apple Watch charging cable will cost $29 if you misplace or break the one that comes with the watch.

And it seems like they are going to keep making their accessories that way. They also have a $13 Siri remote wrist loop Apple sells with the $150 Apple TV.

But, the remote wrist loop and the Apple Watch charging dock aren’t necessities. If you really want a watch stand, there are many options out there at various price points. Some are more expensive than Apple’s dock and do not include an inductive charger.

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