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Apple Recalls Beats Pill XL Over Fire Risk

The popular Apple product was released in November of 2013. Most people love it because of its lack of wiring needed to operate it, and its portability. This combination of features allows it to be placed in out of the way locations and then people can blast the volume on it without worry and continue their party or whatever they happen to be using it for. This all seems great, except there is one fatal flaw in the product.

Apple has recalled the product because of it being a fire hazard. Apple claims that after some tests were done, it is possible for the battery of the device to overheat and start a fire. They also say the recall is optional because of the risk of it happening is rather low, but some unlucky person will more than likely experience it soon. If you do choose to send the device in for the recall, Apple plans to refund you with your choice of either three hundred and twenty five dollars cash or an apple store credit.

I guess my personal opinion on if I would send the device back in would depend on how frequently I use it. If I were to use such a device daily for hours on end, I would definitely send it in. However, if I was the type to use it at a rather low volume on infrequent occasions, I would pass because I simply think it would not be worth my time. That being said, I do not own one, so my opinion could very much change with the thought of a ticking fire bomb sitting in my room.

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