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Apparent ISIS attack on bus in Pakistan

http://youthindependent.com/wp-content/uploads/4157561067_b6be7a05d3_o1.jpgThe ISIS group has been one of the biggest news stories to follow in the past few years, especially when they killed American journalist by decapitation in August 2014.

Earlier today, ISIS attacked a bus in the Pakistani city of Karachi, which killed 43 people and wounding 19 others, according to a CNN article.

There was a statement released by the extremist group which circulated on ISIS-affiliated social media accounts claimed the shooting was there doing.

“Thanks to God 43 apostates were killed and close to 30 others were wounded in an attack by the soldiers of Islamic State on a bus carrying people of the Shia Ismaili sect… in Karachi,” the statement read.

Though, the Pakistani Taliban splinter group Junullah also claimed the attack according to BBC, so there does seem to be a sufficient amount of confusion of who actually did commit the attacks.

Though, this  attack isn’t quite something I would have thought two different groups would be wanting to take credit for – even though terrorism is a bit different, as it seems like it could be a good way to set up their beliefs.

The crowded bus was attacked by six unidentified assailants on motorbikes, according to an article published on The Independent. The bus belonged to a Shia Muslim community within the Safoora Chowak area outside of Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city. The gunmen boarded the bus and had opened fire, using 9mm pistols.

A policeman told the Express Tribune that the bus only had a capacity of 52 passengers but the bus was overloaded and people were still boarding it.

This seems to be one of the most lethal shootings on a bus since April 13, 1975, where a bus shooting marked the true start of the Lebanese Civil War, according a New York Times article published in July 2012.

That shooting was taken out by Christian Phalangist militiamen in suburban Beirut, where 27 Palestinians were killed.

The 1960s Chrysler Fargo bus has an interesting story to it: After the massacre, the bus had repairs done and it was in service to the public for almost a decade until a rocket exploded next to it. The bus was then dumped by the owner, believing it to have been cursed.


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