Monday , May 25 2020
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Anorexia and Social Media

For anyone who has dealt with or has had a friend who has dealt with any kind of eating disorder, they know it can be scary, regardless of what end of the spectrum it is on. Some people who are hard headed cannot understand these kinds of illnesses, and they do not realize that it really is a sickness beyond the sufferer’s control. Stories such as these also opens my eyes even wider as to how powerful social media can be when the right cause is entertained.

Thirty seven year old California woman Rachael Farrokh was at the end of her rope when it came to her on going battle with anorexia. She weighed forty pounds, and was getting weaker day by day. After exhausting all of her options, she made a YouTube video in a desperate attempt to raise money for the medical accommodations she would need in order to get her back on track with her life. People saw this video, and were touched. Rachel ended up with one hundred and twenty thousand dollars in donations to help her. Rod Edmonson, her husband, wrote on a GoFundMe account that she was unable to be admitted to the hospital due to her not making the weight limit. Thanks to the money she received, Rachel is now being helped in an experienced facility which is helping slowly reintroduce food into her life. They say they may need to start at something as little as twenty five calories a day, but that is the kind of treatment Rachel needs, as if they do not take their time with a patient as delicate as her when it comes to food, overdoing it may very well kill her.

I love stories like these. To see these kinds of things makes me believe that there are still genuine people in the world who are willing to help out those in need. This story, along with other stories, also reminds me that social media is a growing force. There is no doubt in my mind that the donations that Rachel received came from not just the United States, but all over the world. I am glad that people are able to recognize how terrible a situation can be for someone, especially when they are unable to help themselves, and when their local medical facilities are unable to help due to safety restrictions. I personally did not know there was a weight limit for adults to be admitted into the hospital, and I was outraged upon initially reading that such a thing existed, but once I calmed down, I came to the conclusion that such a restriction must be in place for a reason. This story also reminds me of how lucky I am to live in a country like Canada, where anyone in need of medical assistance is able to walk in, show their documents and be well on their way without having to pay for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of fees. I encourage anyone who knows of a friend suffering from any kind of eating disorder, whether it be anorexia or bulimia, to seek out help, because pushing their buttons often enough might just be what they need to stand up and save their own lives.

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