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Anna Kendrick Turning 30!

The big “Three O”


Superstar Anna Kendrick goes on Ellen and talks about what it’s like being “almost 30”. She’ll be in her twenties for another 4 months but is starting to change her lifestyle to prepare. Ellen chuckles as Anna goes on to say that she’s “trying to work out and eat some vegetables” but jokes that while she “gets the appeal”, this new lifestyle is “the worst. It’s awful”.


At least she’s trying! She may not like the Pilates and yoga. She may still sneak Taco Bell in every once in a while. But she’s putting in the work and feeling the rewards of being healthy.


The “Into The Woods” star openly jokes about her appearance on Twitter. She pokes fun at herself being too short to find clothing and that she’d be a good fit for joining One Direction considering the fact that she “look(s) like a british teenage boy”. Bearing in mind that Kendrick comes from an appearance centered industry her attitude is totally refreshing. Instead of being worried about dropping pounds to fit into some hot red carpet dress, she’s just interested in how being healthy makes her feel.


Come August she will be able to officially say she’s part of one of the largest existing demographics. Thirty year old women who love The Bachelor. She will undoubtedly be watching “The Bachelorette” premiere May 18th as one of her favourite girls from a past season will be meeting the guys! During the last season of The Bachelor, Kendrick tweeted about Kaitlyn Bristowe:

“Kaitlyn can do better. Like if my boyfriend left me for her, I’d get it”

So we can be sure she’ll tune in to cheer on the also “almost 30” year old.


Kendrick’s authentic outlook, amazing sense of humor and new healthy lifestyle aren’t all she has going for her. This upcoming Friday is the release of “Pitch Perfect 2”! Alongside Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow this sequel promises to be just as hilarious as the first.


So Happy Birthday Anna! Say goodbye to your twenties and raise your chin as the new, 30 year old you 😀

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