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Photo: Craig Blankenhorn via HBO

Amy Schumer Speaks Out About Gun Violence

The usually light-hearted Amy Schumer has taken on a more serious voice in the fight to end gun violence.

She is joined by her cousin, New York Senator Chuck Schumer, and is asking her fans to stand with them. “Schumer & Schumer” did a press conference on Sunday to discuss their ideas about gun control. The conference was held at NYC’s City Hall.

The powerful duo promoted their online campaign, but they also pushed Americans to fight alongside them. Amy asked her fans on Instagram to write their congress and make a scene in order to snowball their concern.

With Amy’s wide reach and Chuck’s connections, the pair has the potential to make a real change. In order for a bill to be passed, Senator Schumer would need 60 senators to side with his ideas on gun control. According to Associated Press, Schumer believes he currently has 40 senators at his back.

Their campaign is being discussed across Twitter with the hashtag #aimingforchange. The plan outlines some steps they believe will clean up gun use and make America safer.

The cause first became meaningful to Schumer in August when, during a screening of her film Trainwreck, there was a shooting. She became passionate and outspoken about the issues of gun violence and even dedicated her recent HBO special (Amy Schumer: Live At The Apollo) to her niece and the Lafayette shooting victims.*

It’s amazing to see celebrities using their reach and influence for important and meaningful causes. Keep on pushing Schumer & Schumer! Change will come!

*Mayci Breaux (21) and Jillian Johnson (33)


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