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American Idol AXED!

After fifteen long and successful seasons Fox is finally pulling the plug on the show that has been dropping viewers dramatically in the past few years. It was an emotional decision to end the show says Fox chairmen and CEO’s Gary Newman and Dana Walden. The show was a vital part of the Fox network and they promise to surprise fans and send this show off in the best of ways.

American Idol once had 30 million viewers worldwide at it’s high point but since has been averaging less than 9 million viewers in the past few seasons. The lack of viewership is not the only reason why this once sought after show is being cancelled.

The absence of judge Simon Cowell; who left in season nine was a hit to the show itself. Fox also decided to schedule Cowell’s own show ‘The X Factor’ starting in 2011. This forced the fans to split and many Idol fans followed Cowell to his own hit show when he left. The revolving line up of judges year after year also can be attributed to audiences leaving.

Competition is another leading factor in Fox pulling the plug as ‘The Voice’ premiered in 2011 and quickly became a hit, and shows no signs of slowing down or cancelling. Major sponsorship such as Ford and Coca-Cola also decided to end their partnerships with American Idol.

Reality TV dominated in the new millennium but in the last few years drama shows have taken over. Viewers are no longer committed to watching numerous episodes a week, waiting to see who will stay or go. Instead they prefer to tune into shows on demand at their own pace.

Fans of the show can tune into the final season with  with Ryan Seacrest as host and Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr as judges. This last season promises to be a season-long celebration of the show’s history.

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