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Alabama Bans Gay Marriage Licenses in Effort to Defy Supreme Court

It absolutely infuriates me when I hear about things like this. At the same time however, it amazes me how selfish people can be. Just because someone wants to live a certain way that does not quite match up with how you believe life should operate, you have to go and take it away from them? It is just plain stupid. As most of you probably heard, the United States has finally legalized gay marriage all over the country. For some who may not have known, the United States is one of the most controversial places in the world when it comes to this particular subject. Some states legalized it before the country wide legalization, others were against it and it was set in stone, never to change until now. Well, Alabama has done something rather childish in an effort to avoid gay marriage taking place there, hopefully it gets overlooked with enough time.

Since Alabama was so against the idea of gay marriage, they actually went ahead and banned gay marriage licenses for twenty five days. This amount of time was chosen because twenty five days needs to be waited out in order for a petition to be signed to rehear a court order. This order is a little confusing, because the U.S supreme court has priority over what is obeyed. This means that people have been getting licences in the state of Alabama anyway.

I cannot stress how much I hate when things like this happen. I cannot believe that people are so selfish that they get in the way of another person’s happiness. Despite the  I have nothing against gay people, because I believe that everyone should have the ability to be happy and so long as the means to be happy are morally sound, meaning they bring no harm to anyone else, they should be able to have their way. The big part about this that drives me crazy is that some people are against the whole idea of being gay because they are not gay, or for some asinine belief they have. If you are one of these people, I strongly suggest you open up your mind and really expose yourself to see what kind of possibilities there are in the world.

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