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Air Pollution and Mortality Rates

A lot of developed countries take the clean air they breathe for granted for sure. They probably plug their noses when they need to move through a group of smokers and think about how disgusting the smell and the habit is. Well, picture walking through something like that every time you go outside. I bet you would hate to live in a city with those kinds of conditions are present. Consider yourself lucky, because a lot of people out there are dying from causes like this without them even realizing it. You may stop and think ” But hey, there’s a certain level of pollution that is not allowed to be present right?” how can this little amount of pollution be killing people. It’s simple. That limit of pollution is just not being followed.

According to a study done at Harvard University, the death rates in the zip codes with more particle air pollution are as much as sixty five percent higher than those who did not have the extra pollution. In fact, they continue the results of their findings by stating that the environmental protection agency or EPA standards were not being followed. In my opinion, if the agency’s standards are not being followed by five or at the very most ten percent, it really does not matter that much, however, this study indicated that these production companies were making so much pollution that these zip code areas had less than one third of the required protection.

I find these kinds of statistics absolutely alarming to say the least. I mean smokers already have it bad enough with their habits, which result in damaged lungs, but now they have bad plain air to breathe in as well? Simply unacceptable. What about the new born babies that are brought into the world?  They are supposed to just accept the fact that they will grow up with ill functioning lungs ? Next to that is one of my other biggest concerns, and those are the people with asthma. They have breathing problems already, and now they have to deal with this? I sincerely hope that these companies creating all this excess pollution clean up their act, and the environmental protection agency standards are more enforced to help prevent this. I do not really care for what these companies think the production of is important if it’s going to cause me to have a significantly shorter life.


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