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92 Year Old Woman Completes Marathon

A marathon race is an incredible feat for anyone of any age to complete. However, the sedentary lifestyles and the overall laziness of people tends to keep them away from exercising in general. Add in to the equation if these same people are sick or have loved ones that are sick, and the odds of the people in these sedentary groups participating in these events goes down even more. On the other hand, for each person that chooses to not do these events or get into being active for whatever reason, there is one inspirational story where the true determination and willpower of a person is revealed, and this time, it is ninety two year old Harriette Thompson.

The former cancer patient completed the Rock n Roll Marathon in San Diego in under eight hours. Some may stop and think, “well what’s the big deal? There are plenty of elderly people doing marathons and completing them.” Well the difference is, Thompson was battling quite a few significant personal problems. Not only did she have an infection in one of her legs, but her husband was also very ill and passed away, both of which took a lot of her time away from training mentally and physically.

I love stories like these. They really inspire me and lead me to believe that anyone making excuses for why they cannot do or have something they want simply does not want it bad enough. I hope that I am able to do half the things that Thompson is able to do once I reach her age. I also want to take this time out to give my condolences to her family for their loss. I hope people learn from this that it is never too late to achieve a goal, so long as they set their mind to it. I bet some people in their fifties would count themselves out of marathon running from being too old, but like I said before, it is just an excuse.

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