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9 reasons to explain why you’re always hungry

If you don’t want to eat more than usual and calm the uncontrollable appetite, here we show you the behaviors that  you should modify in order to change this:

1. Not enough sleep

Poor sleep can generate several bad habits in you. When you feel tired and sleepy, your levels of the hormone ghrelin increases, and this causes feel cravings for carbohydrates and calorie foods that serve to re-energize your body. A research by the University of Chicago, explained that lack of sleep generates more obese people.

2. You go to sleep satisfied

Did you past that when you sleep with a full stomach, the next day you wake hungrier? According to nutritionists Timothy Garvey and David Greenwald, it’s because too much food in the stomach  alter the levels of blood sugar, and cause you to want to eat more.

3. You are in your premenstrual period

Many women when they start their period, feel hungrier than usual. The explanation for this is that at this stage progesterone segregation increases, which leads to a higher appetite.

4. Bad breakfast

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that a full breakfast should include protein, that cause food cravings have less fat. That’s why if you don’t eat enough proteines for breakfast, then your body will interpret it as a crisis and will ask for a higher amount of energy.

5. You’re on medication

There are remedies like arthritis pills or antihistamines, which generate more appetite. And according to associate professor of nutrition at Harvard Medical School Director, George Blackburn, in the last 2 decades the number of remedies that increase hunger has been multiplied for three.

6. Take diet drinks

The low-calorie drinks trick the body, because they send the signal “food is coming”, but this food never arrives, and then we begin to feel hunger.

7. Not enough liquids

As David Katz (director and founder of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center) says: when your body is dehydrated, the first thing that you will ask will be something to eat, but it’s actually a lack of fluids, drink more water is what you need.

8. Being boring

As Psychology Today says: When we’re bored, our brain are looking for a quick way to generate dopamine (the hormone being and sense of reward) the most easy way  to generate it is… to eat.

9. The stress

Stress activates certain areas of the brain that are also related with the appetite, then our body will ask for energy to recover from anxiety and fatigue.

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