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7 ways to stay awake without caffeine

When your levels of energy go down you can find and easy solution: caffeine. Ok, coffee could be good in a right way but it’s not good to abuse of it and in fact it’s not the only way to get the energy that you need. Let us tell you seven ways to make your energy goes up without caffeine.

  1. Chewing gum: Maybe it’ll sound weird but the chewing gum not only refreses our breath, also can revitalise our body. In an study from 2012 in United Kingdom, some people chewed gum during fifteen minutes and they feel more alert than the people who didn’t. The reason it’s that the chewing gum increase the hearth rate wich increases the flow of blood to the brain. Also stimulates the nervous sistem that can increases the alert estate. It would be even better if you chose the mint flavour because estimulates the nerve fibers.
  2. More fiber: The real energy comes from the fiber. In fact the people who reemplaced three portions of carbohidrates for fiber during one day feeled an increase in the energy. But more it’s not better, more fiber will also increase the serotonine wich made you feel somnolent. The best moment for fiber it’s the breakfast, for example, you can eat fiber cereals and one peace of toasted bread (but without refusing proteines, of course).
  3. Use the right light: The shining lights makes the brain stay awake. A study from 2013 found that the red light from the afternoon it’s more efective than the blue light from the morning. But with the red light the people feels more irritable and on alert while with the blue light you’ll feel in a more peacefull state of alert. So… use the blue light for the desk and the red light for the bed.
  4. Learn something new: The more efective way to make your brain works it’s the learning. In fact, you can avoid the desire to sleep easily being part of interesting activities. Now you know it: increase your knowledge about Excel or listen to a podcast about work.
  5. Be a gardener: A german study found that the active hobbies like gardening are more energizers than the sedentaries, like reading. Digging on the ground is particularly challenging : skin contact with the ground can combat oxidative stress in the body , which , in turn , gives you energy . All electrical home appliances are connected to a cable that connects to the outside world . People also need ground. The act makes landfall positive electrons flow out of our body and the negative charge is derived from the earth. Therefore it is suggested to leave the gloves, or better yet, go barefoot in your garden . This practice, called “land ” may sound a bit exaggerated, but other than that , research has shown that downtime is energizing .
  6. Massaging the ears: Applying pressure to the outer edge of your ear can help to tone your body. This is because all the “Acupuncture meridians” fo the body pass through the ear, so massaging the ear unites all meridians and gets the energy keep on flowing. Just press the edge of each ear between thumb and forefinger and move it up and down for 10 or 30 seconds…
  7. Listen to your favourite music: Have you ever noticed that when you listen to the radio it makes you walk faster? That’s because the music is energizing, especially if one sings. Singing excitation increases and decreases tension as well as a cardio workout. So… select a song that you really likes and enjoy the moment

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