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47-year-old United States Woman Gives Birth One Hour After Discovering Her Pregnancy

On Wednesday November 4, 2015, a baby girl was born from a 47-year-old Massachusetts woman. It was a complete surprise to both parents; for the past 9 months neither of them knew about the pregnancy.  A healthy birth at age 47 is also uncommon.

Shehab Khan from Independent reported the following:

“Judy Brown, from Massachusetts, went to Beverly Hospital complaining of severe abdominal pain, to then be told she was actually in labour. An hour later, much to her surprise, she gave birth to an 8-pound baby.

When Mrs Brown noticed her stomach had started to grow, she assumed it was because she was getting older and most probably due to menopause….

…The parents have named her Carolyn Rose after both of their mothers, and baby and mother are both doing well, according to a hospital spokesman.”

Rachel Vorona Cote from Jezebel reported what the mother Judy brown had to say:

“Brown expressed her astonishment to ABC News: ‘To understand and take in that was I pregnant and was about to go into labor…it was very overwhelming.’

It’s phenomenal and strange for a woman to give birth late in life and not even realize her pregnancy until the last few moments.  But, there have been births that were much more surprising.  For example,  the youngest person to ever give birth was 5 year old Lina Medina of Peru back in 1939; the oldest person to give birth was Rajo Devi Lohan at the age of 70 in India.

Congratulations to Judy and Jason Brown for becoming parents and for the birth of their healthy baby.

Here is a youtube video about the news of the birth.


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