Monday , May 25 2020
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300 Injured in Johannesburg Train Crash

On Friday, a commuter train collision in Johannesburg, South Africa has left over 300 people injured. According to a spokeswoman for Johannesburg Emergency Services, Nana Radebe, 326 people were rushed to nearby hospitals with minor to serious injuries, but no fatalities have been reported. Injuries have been ranging between soft tissue damage and spinal injuries, fractures and broken bones. Firefighters are still searching for commuters who may be trapped inside the train cards

According to Radebe, the trains that collided were on the same track, with a travelling train colliding into a stationery train. The accident happened at rush hour between two stations, with both trains having travelled from Johannesburg city center to the township of Soweto. Lilian Mofokeng, the Metrorail spokeswoman for Gauteng province says that the actual cause for the accident is unknown and that for now, authorities are still gathering information about the collision.

For the travelers who were not injured, they would be bused to their destinations after their harrowing evening.

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