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Liam Cunningham and Kerry Ingram in Game of Thrones (Photo: Season 5 Episode 9 - HBO All Rights Reserved)

Game Of Thrones – The Dance Of Dragons

If you haven’t seen Game of Thrones season five, episode nine – The Dance of Dragons – stop reading and go watch it!

This week’s episode of Game of Thrones was absolutely tragic. Although tragedy on the HBO series isn’t unexpected, the levels of atrocity they show us fans reaches new heights (or lows) every week.


She was Princess Shireen of the House Baratheon for goodness sake! Not to mention a beautiful, brilliant and compassionate child! Yet, GOT did it again and tore from us what we love most. Seeing, or rather hearing, her burn at the stake was one of the darkest Game of Thrones moments yet. Davos Seaworth is certainly not going to be a happy man when he returns.  So why did Stannis burn his own daughter? Well to please the ever needy Melisandre, of cours! She convinced him that this was the way to get the magic they will need to break through the snow and ice. Why they couldn’t use leeches to get the royal blood, like last time, is beyond me. The biggest shocker of this event, for me, was that Shireen called for both of her parents and believe it or not – it was her mother that flinched and ran forward. Looks like she had a little bit of love in her heart after all…not that it saved her daughter.

Jon makes his way back to The Nights Watch and they begrudgingly let him – and the mob of Wildlings – back in. The majority of the Crows are unhappy with the situation. They have short tempers and are stubborn as sin. Jon struggles to make them see the up side to having more fighting power through numbers. I’m sure the huge, awesome giant will come in to play at some point maybe even save a Crow or two. Who knows!

In Braavos we see Arya act like a dangerous, poison carrying squirrel. I really do love this girl but she did get a bit distracted this episode! Although she didn’t end up going after her intended target to assassinate, she did see Meryn Trant who was one of the first names on her kill list. She follows him to a brothel and we learn that he’s a pedophile who plans on having a new child to rape every single night he stays there. Yeah, I know. So now he might be on a few more peoples kill lists.

Jamie and Bronn are set free! Prince Doran told them that he doesn’t want war and that they can return to Kings Landing, get this, with Myrcella and prince Trystane! I’m not entirely sure what the move is here, but I’m sure in time we’ll see this play into something larger.

Then we get to the real meat of the episode! The great fighting pit that’s not really a pit at all but a huge, beautiful coliseum style arena. Daenerys, as queen, is responsible for the commencement and observation of the matches. We see Jorah fight and eventually throw a spear into a Son of the Harpy who had managed to sneak onto the platform behind Daenerys. Then we see that the entire arena is filled with Sons of the Harpy.  As you might imagine, chaos ensues. Daario, Jorah, the Unsullied, even Tyrion all fight and stick close to Daenerys side. Eventually they’re surrounded but then Drogon shows up! He kicks some butt…or burns some butt, I should say. Despite taking a few hits, he flies off with his mom on his back. It’s one of those situations that proves a woman’s instincts are usually right. Her gut told her not to reopen the fighting pit and this instance showed her that her gut was on point.

As usual, I am horrified and thrilled with this week’s episode of Game of Thrones. Every week the writers show us that rock bottom is a crumbling surface that can drop out at any moment. Be sure to tune in for the next episode and hang on tight!

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