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10 Girl Thoughts While Watching Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is one of those shows that come along every once in awhile and completely ruins you. Everything stops each week when there is a new episode, you start referring to the characters as if you know them personally and they aren’t living in a fictional land of dragons and white walkers. Its emotional, shocking, and can leave you hollow for another seven days (even longer, the breaks between seasons).

This week, with so much action happening in each of the many plot lines, by the time I finished the episode I was exhausted, and barely remembered half of what had happened. So, for the sake of authenticity I took it upon myself to watch the episode again- you are welcome.

Of course I value the show on an intellectual level, but I admit I am guilty of what some may call, ‘basic white girl moments’. I know. The first step is acceptance. At any rate, here I have for you a sample of ten:

(Because you were all thinking it, and I’m just saying it)

  1. Wow, the lighting in this show may actually cause severe damage to my eyes by the end of the season.

Meh, I’d consider it worth it.

  1. Joffrey’s sister is way hotter than he ever was, and she has a point.

Would you want to leave that Moroccan vibe paradise?

  1. I miss Bran. Where did we leave Bran?
  1. Did the evil witchy lady actually ask Stanis to have sex with his daughter or use her as an offering? Oh, just use her as an offering? Well that makes it better *rolls eyes*
  1. … and she HAD to bring up Robb Stark.
  1. Elizabeth Swan’s timidly frazzled father has been shown to me in a whole new light. BUT WHAT SIDE IS HE ON? Is he all about the faith or is he just ‘Little-fingering’ it?
  1. Daenerys Targaryen There is no way that her hair looks that good after that with him.
  1. All I want is to be as bad*** as Olenna Tyrell when I’m a grandma.
  1. I don’t know if I’m ready to talk about the Sam sex scene yet.
  1. Tyrion + Jorah = Do I smell the newest GoT bromance?

To counteract my candidness, next week I will play it a little more serious. All in all I thought that this was a solid episode and that it built on all of the plot lines. (Some more than others, some finally met, and some almost fizzled out)

Until next week my friends…

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