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Zelda Williams Rocks White On The Red Carpet

Zelda Williams rocked the red carpet Wednesday night in Los Angeles.

The beautiful 26 year old wore an all white tailored dress to celebrate the premiere of Hand of God*, an Amazon drama. She was there showing her support for Ron Perlman who stars in Hand of God and will be working with her on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.

This is the first time Zelda has stepped out since her legal struggles began. In the wake of her father’s death there have been many legal disputes between the Williams children and Robin’s third wife, Susan Schneider. The tension stems from disagreements over Robin’s estate as well as over which items in his home should be deemed “memorabilia”.

Court documents filed last week show that Zelda, Cody and Zachary (all Robin’s children) are legally fighting Schneider’s claim to receive financial payments to pay for her personal home.

With all the negativity, Zelda decided to take a break from social media. It is the second time she has stepped away since her father’s passing.

Hopefully the legal issues can be resolved quickly so Zelda can fully embrace her success. Grabbing at Robin’s wealth is no way to honor his memory.

His children deserve the opportunity to remember their father’s legacy without having to worry about people trying to claim a piece of it.

*Hand of God also stars actress, Dana Delaney, and actor, Andre Royo. The drama is a revenge story about a judge who experiences a mental breakdown and seeks, what he has convinced himself is, justice all while believing that God is speaking to him.

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