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Zayn Malik: Potential Fashion Career

Zayn Malik’s life going in more than one direction!


It’s speculated that the ex-boy band member could be on track to start his own clothing line. Zayn will still have music as his number one priority but he is enthusiastic about the impact he can have in the fashion world. Despite his commitment to remain a musician first and foremost, it seems that his fashion prospects could definitely be more than just a hobby.


He’s always been considered creative and introverted and has certainly been recognised as the fashionable member of One Direction! His evolving looks and styles during his time in the band have caught the attention of some top fashion houses that have now shown interest in working with him. He even recently showed off his new, fashion forward, green locks! His Twitter account tells us he’s been experimenting with all sorts of different colors.


Fashion is not the only new venture Malik is diving in to. Reports say that Zayne could be involved in some stage acting this Fall during the Old Vic’s 24 Hour Plays series! He may only be set to make a cameo which won’t be a huge breakout performance, but it will reinstate his American presence and let fans see him in a more mature light.


Zayn left One Direction back in March of this year and has been trying to just be normal with his fiancé, Perrie Edwards, for a while. Perhaps being a “normal” twenty-two year old isn’t in the cards for Malik.


After all, how many twenty-two year olds do you know going after large endorsement deals with huge fashion brands?

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