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YouTube Launching Video Gaming Site?

The popular search engine, similar to Google, has been the answer to many problems of the everyday person. Not sure about what something means or how it’s spelled? Google it. Not sure about how to do something like change the settings on your cell phone or computer ? Search it up on YouTube. What about video games though? Video games have brought quite a bit of publicity to the website. There are game walk-throughs, where someone who knows how to play a game or what to do plays through the entire game to help fellow frustrated gamers, there are let’s plays, where a person plays a game with themselves commenting on what is happening in the background, and there are even speed runs, which are videos of gamers playing through a certain game with the intention of finishing it as fast as possible. Through exploiting the amount of glitches and or shortcuts in video games, these speed runs are quite incredible to watch. Because of all this traffic to YouTube due to gaming, YouTube has decided to reward gamers with their own platform.

YouTube hopes that this gaming platform will help gamers find what they are looking for more easily. For example, on YouTube, someone may search the word poke, but the vast majority of results in the search box will likely display Lady Gaga’s popular song Poker Face instead of the famous series known as Pokemon. YouTube also intends on releasing this platform to try and overpower Twitch, a streaming website which allows gamers to interact with the person playing the game via comments and other methods. YouTube tried to buy this medium, however, Amazon won the bidding war with it’s overwhelming nine hundred and seventy million dollar offer.

I think this is a nice thing for YouTube to do in order to thank the gaming community for the popularity they have brought to the website. I think it will not be long before YouTube furthers it’s generosity in the future with mediums designed for other exclusive things like cooking, graphic design, cell phone help, and many other options that are available for those who access YouTube daily.

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