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Your Toothbrush is Harboring Poop

I’m not the biggest germaphobe out there, but I’m sure that I’m not alone in being shocked and bewildered over the discovery of researchers at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut who have determined that the toothbrush you use everyday has probably come in contact with fecal matter.

Originally, I thought this was a joke. I mean, c’mon, poop on your toothbrush is something you only risk when you anger your significant other or, as Horrible Bosses 2 demonstrated, your cleaning lady. But apparently researchers discovered that 60% of toothbrushes in a bathroom shared by about nine people were contaminated with fecal matter. Although this test was done in a University resident building, it is apparently still possible for us single people to experience this same joy.
Despite how gross this may sound, scientists say that brushing your teeth with your own fecal matter is actually fine. The problem occurs in sharing a bathrooms where your toothbrush begins to harbor the poop of your fellow human beings that can begin to cause problems like viruses and parasites to occur when they are introduced to your own body… not scary at all.

Now, I’m sure that like me, you’re excited to hear about the solution to making sure your toothbrush and mouth remain free of poop. Well, apparently researchers have also discovered that there is no practical method for preventing contamination. It is recommended that toothbrush users not use containers, and simply store the toothbrushes upright in open air so that they dry properly after being used.

I know that I, with an upcoming dental appointment this week, am super excited to share this information with my poor dental hygienist. However I’m sure that the advice I will receive will be the same as everyone receives about flossing. But with this new knowledge of poop presence on my toothbrush, I hope everyone increases their flossing, seems like we may need it!

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