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Your Smartphone and It’s Security

With the evolution of cell phones today, there are so many things you can do that were simply impossible before. From a mere mobile calling device, the introduction and evolution of email, text messaging, social media access, face calling, the storage of notes and information, the internet, and many more features were born. However, with all these benefits and conveniences comes new threats and people wanting access to information. Most people think it is nearly impossible to gain information from someone else’s cell phone, but for some companies, this just is not the case.

From the Samsung Galaxy S3 all the way up to the S6, there is a fatal flaw in the system that allows for the artificial intelligence to correct words that you have not spelled correctly. During times when this particular phone is upgrading, it is vulnerable in the sense of allowing a certain type of malicious software to be installed on your device, and this software can access the deepest parts of the computer system of the phone. Samsung’s reasoning for allowing this too happen was that the company responsible for making the keyboard technology was not fully clear about the problem. Even though updates to fix this are going to be offered in the next week or so, the big problem with this is that once this malicious software is accepted, the person who used it has access to and can do just about anything to your phone.

Some may not see the threat in this story being that harmful. In fact, some may be thinking “So they get my contact list, so what?” Well, in case you are one of the people thinking this, I am going to give you a gentle reminder of what kind of information you may be leaving on your device without your realizing because it is second nature to you. First off, think about all the things you use online that require passwords. Email accounts, social media accounts, bank accounts.. do I need to go further? Next off, I realize this is an extreme example, but you never know who is using this hacking software. Someone you know or do not know could potentially be out to ruin you and say bad things to mess up your life, whether it is through hacking your email and saying things to your boss, or hacking into your contacts to talk to your spouse through you. The makers of the software claimed that until this is fixed, to abstain from using Samsung galaxy phones, or to go to your local phone dealer, explain the problem and push for some kind of solution.

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