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Yemeni Peace Talks Failing

Despite the peace talks in Geneva that have been trying to broker a truce in the three month conflict in Yemen, it does not appear as if Yemen is any closer to peace. On Thursday, a fistfight erupted on the sidelines of the peace talks in Geneva as Yemeni opponents of Houthi forces began throwing shoes and insulting Houthi officials as criminals and dogs.

Fighting has continued in Yemen, with around thirty people being killed today alone as clashes continue to occur between Houthis and tribesmen in the central province of Mareb. Additionally, Saudi Arabia led airstrikes have continuously targeted Houthi military sites, including in the capital of Sanaa.

Although Houthis have stated that they were willing to partake in a humanitarian truce, Khaled Bahah, Yemen’s exiled vice predicent, worries that the Houthis would use a ceasefire to expand their power and he reportedly wants a permanent humanitarian ceasefire, not a temporary truce.

Meanwhile, Yemen is currently facing a humanitarian crises as the majority of the country is caught between warring sides which had created a blockade that has cut off supplies of food, fuel and medicine. Additionally, poor sanitation and a lack of water has resulted in several cases of Dengue fever in the southern city of Aden. It is clear that the United Nations is doing all that they can, because Yemen desperately needs a pause in fighting since the majority of the provinces are in a state of emergency.

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