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A year of Game of Thrones: 2015

**Spoilers ahead!**

2015 has been a stressful and emotional year for Game of Thrones fans. Lots of fan favourites have died, along with some not-so-liked characters. There have been many plot twists and cliff hangers, leaving fans twiddling their thumbs and replaying shocking scenes, trying to foresee what will come in Game of Thrones‘ sixth season, which doesn’t begin until April 2016. The hit HBO show has made its way onto numerous “Best Of” and “Worst Of” 2015 lists, and it isn’t hard to see why.

Jon Snow: #6 Most Influential Character of 2015

This comes as no surprise. Time Magazine named Jon Snow the sixth most influential fictional character of 2015, who is supposedly stabbed to death in the very last scene of Game of Thrones‘ fifth season. After the beloved character maybe met his untimely demise, fans around the globe lost their minds–posting videos of their reactions (lots of crying), rallying to get the character back, studying the A Song of Ice and Fire books to look for possible clues that he’s still alive, sharing multiple theories to support the character’s continuation. Jon Snow outranked Inside Out‘s Sadness and Fifty Shades of Grey‘s Christian Grey, but was outranked by SNL‘s Hillary Clinton and Empire‘s Cookie Lyon.

Ramsay Bolton: #1 Worst Character of 2015

“It’s official: Ramsay Bolton is the actual worst character on television.” That announcement recently came from The Atlantic, after more than 145,000 votes crowned the character as “the most terrible person on the small screen.” After watching season 5, it’s hard to argue with this. Ramsay Bolton, who is played by Iwan Rheon, outranked Hannibal‘s Hannibal Lecter, as well as Moriarty from BBC’s Sherlock.

Peter Dinklage: Outstanding Performance 

The Screen Actors Guild had Peter Dinklage, AKA Tyrion Lannister, short-listed for an award for outstanding performance by a male actor in a drama series. Game of Thrones also received nominations from the Screen Actors Guild for outstanding performance by an ensemble and outstanding action performance by a stunt ensemble.

Game of Thrones: #1 Most Popular Show of 2015

This one’s undeniable, especially after the season six finale. Game of Thrones was consistently ranked number one on the weekly IMDb Most Popular Chart in 2015, outranking Arrow, Daredevil, Narcos, and even AMC’s hit The Walking Dead. The series’ latest season also topped Rotten Tomatoes’ Top Sci-Fi/Horror/Fantasy list, and ranked seventh on Rotten Tomatoes’ overall top TV shows of 2015. Producers for HBO’s hit show were also nominated for the Norman Felton Award for outstanding producer of episodic dramatic television.

Game of Thrones: #1 Most Talked About on Facebook 

The show dominated Facebook conversation this past year, and again, lots of that can be attributed to the season finale. Game of Thrones ranked first on Facebook’s list of most globally discussed TV shows of the year, beating The Walking Dead, The Daily Show, Saturday Night Live and WWE Raw. Despite its domination of Facebook, the show didn’t even make it to Twitter’s top ten television trends of the year, while The Walking Dead and Empire did.

Sam and Gilly: Hottest Sex Scene List of 2015

Sam and Gilly finally hit a home run in season five’s seventh episode, and the scene made it to Buzzfeed’s Hottest Sex Scenes of 2015 list. “This episode is titled ‘The Gift,’ and what a gift it was. Sweet, bookish, celibate Sam finally has sex with equally sweet Gilly.” The couple is undeniably loveable, and fans want them to stay together–which, as Game of Thrones fans know all too well, is dangerous wishful thinking.

Cersei’s Walk of Shame: Best TV Moments of 2015

This scene has very quickly become iconic; it’s so gripping and hard to watch at the same time. No matter how much you hate Cersei Lannister, you can’t help feel bad for her during her humiliating and dehumanizing Walk of Shame in season five’s finale. Yahoo TV chose this scene as one of its Top 23 TV Moments of 2015–describing it as chilling and intense. It certainly made fans excited for what’s to come in season six next April.

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