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Yakuza 5 coming to America in November to PS3

Video game developers have a bad habit of teasing gamers. Whether intentional or not, they make promises and do not keep them. Instead of announcing a release date, Game developers make an announcement about an announcement of a game that may or may not be released. Also, the game preview videos will often look much better than the final game, leading to fan disappointment.

Yakuza 5 has been available in Japan since 2012; it has been announced that it will come out in North America sometime in November 2015. Three years have past, as it was supposed to come out long ago.

David Bryan of Statesman Tribune reports what Sega had to say about the delay and release of Yakuza 5 in North America:

“Through a blog post, Sega updated everyone on the Western version of this game.

Sega even gave an explanation as to why the game has not yet got a confirmed date of release till now. They said that there were a few Japanese-to-English texts which weren’t cooperating with the team of localization which was what caused the slowdown to the release of the game. Even though there aren’t any concrete dates set up yet, the time frame does satiate everyone’s appetite for everything that is related to Yakuza 5.

Pre-orders will also get people a discount. You can pre-order it for $ 33.99 and you will also get the Yakuza 5 theme this way for the PS3.”

Check out the Sega Blog for the full story and 5 recommendations of gangster-type movies similar to the Yakuza video games.

Yakuza 5 will be a digital only release for PSN, so no boxed copy or collector’s editions will be available.


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