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Credit: Hilary Swift/The New York Times

Women bare all in New York’s Times Square

Time Square is a happening place where you can see any kind of street performer, form juggling, to magic, to live music! Something new to the area though is something called a Desnudas.

Desnudas is Spanish for naked and boy does this job mean it literally. Desnudas’ are a type of street performer that walk around nude in Times Square. Nude except for a nylon thong and paint covering their breasts and most of their bodies. These women walk around taking pictures with people for tips.

Sounds a little odd right? Well most of the women who work this job seem to love it! They can make anything from $5 to $20 in tips per picture and by the end of the day could come home with nearly $300 if it was a gracious crowd.

The women who parade around Times Square have describe the experience as different and fun. The first time these women seem to have come about was in 2013 so it is a fairly new addition to the craziness in Times Square.

The women who do this, so far, are mostly Latinas and they come in all shapes and sizes covered head to toe in blue red and white paint.

These women have clearly stolen the spotlight because other street performers have noticed a drop in their tips since the Desnudas showed up. These issues can cause fights between performers which can sometimes attract the attention of the police.

Aside from the issue of these women stealing away other performer’s tips there is the obvious criticism of the nudity in public. Many people have issues with these topless women parading around a popular area because there are children around. It also makes adults uncomfortable for the fact that some just don’t want to have to see that. However the Desnudas are in the clear with the law. Almost 20 years ago the laws were changed so that women could legally bare their breasts in public in the state of New York.

Whether you hate it or love it, the Desnudas collect a lot of attention and are certainly a sight to see when visiting the famous city.

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