Monday , February 17 2020
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Woman Arrested After Making Threats In Macy’s

The typical Sunday shopping lull was disrupted for shopper at the Macys in Leigh High Valley Mall. 47 year-old, Karen Holmes of North Carolina was heard screaming down the isles of Macys. In addition to causing this unnecessary annoyance, Holmes grabbed a customer and spit on him when he told her to “shut the hell up.”

The customer was only freed after some bystanders pulled the woman off of him. After assaulting a customer Holmes proceeded to threaten everyone. Employees of Macy’s said she yelled more than once that she would, “kill everyone in this store.”

The police got the call around 3 pm, and found Homes in the mall parking lot. Karen Holmes is now in Leigh High County Jail under the charges of simple assault, disorderly conduct and harassment. This dramatic scene will cost the woman $7,500 for bail.

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